Unique Approach

StormGroup Chasers is not a commercial business - no profits are made. As a small group of like-minded people sharing expenses, it's a much more personalised, participative and educational experience than many of the large group tours operating on the Plains.

Each tour is a full 7 days or 10 days on the road using one chase vehicle, allowing greater flexibility of movement and making the best use of our chase day.  The small group approach allows greater communication and flexibility, including healthier food options - daily supermarket shopping stored in a fridge in the van, to enable scenic picnic stops for lunch.

Regular daily departures by 9:00am (after breakfast at interesting diners), and no late night driving marathons (except where jointly agreed upon to meet a promising “next day target”) also make for a more enjoyable chase experience.

Our Values

  • deliver the best possible experience - a great holiday that includes superb storm chasing
  • focus on the group's needs, rather than the leader's personal storm chasing objectives
  • maintain a “beginner’s mind” in understanding the group's perspective
  • always appreciate the “wonder of it all” – don’t get jaded
  • involve the group in the forecasting process - with final decisions by the tour leader
  • educate using background resources/materials and live involvement in the chase
  • communication, communication, communication
  • chase every tornadic event, "go" for all severe opportunities - failing that, chase all available storms
  • safety as the baseline - while we want the “whole experience”, always carefully manage the risks
  • enable unusual photography, e.g. sunsets, unique lighting, dramatic scenes, storm effects
  • pick night time locations for overnight severe activity – enable photography
  • experience the Midwest “history and landmarks” - but avoid “tourist traps”
  • find unique & interesting restaurants/diners for that "local" experience
  • enable healthy food options, against the need sometimes just to "grab & go"

Tech Specs

StormGroup Chasers tours will use the largest spacious Chevy Suburban or similar vehicle, with two drivers & four passengers, each with their own window seat.

There is a full technology platform - widescreen display laptop visible from all seats, so you always know "what's going on"; real-time weather & radar software; full access to all severe weather forecast models and analytics; supported by on-road real-time reliable Internet access using mobile data cards, antenna and amplifier; position tracking via GPS/Street Atlas; public reporting to Spotter Network; Weather Radio as a safety-warning backup.

Tour 3 - 2018

On the Road:
Thursday, May 31 through
Saturday, Jun 9
Arrive in Oklahoma City on May 30th - depart Oklahoma City on June 10th

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